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Kaartupdate 2021.06

Instructions for updating the map data for: X903DC-F / X903D-DU / X903D-DU2 / X903D-DU8 / X903D-ID / X903D-S906 / X803DC-U / INE-W720DC

We offer you to temporarily download the current map material 2021.06 from our homepage instead of

Please check the firmware version on your device first, since the installation order differs depending on the firmware version.

You can find the firmware version by pressing the "Menu" button, then "Setup", followed by "General" and "About".


For devices with a firmware version lower than “1.4001 1.4001 1.4001”:

Please go to the Alpine Firmware Update page and update the latest firmware for your navigation device:


For devices with firmware version “1.4001 1.4001 1.4001” or higher:

Download de instructies hier:


Map and Software Update for:
X903DC-F / X903D-DU / X903D-DU2 / X903D-DU8 / X903D-ID / X903D-S906 / X803DC-U / INE-W720DC – 17.03.2022


Navigation Application Update Content – Release Notes:

  • Improvement of the import function of POI data
  • Optimized POI quick search categories
  • Improved display of POIs icons
  • Adding different motorhome profiles
  • park4night icons displayed on the map
  • Easier park4night access (on top of the camping category)
    • Map display now uses anti-alias display (smooth lines)
    • Includes map database 2021.06
    • Fix speed camera/speed issues in some regions
    • Update of preinstalled speed camera database for Europe

    Vereisten en beperkingen

    • Linux / macOS / MAC OS / Windows
    • USB met tenminste 32 GB vrije ruimte (freshly FAT32 formatted)

    Important information regarding the software

    About the software licence of the products

    The software installed in these products contains open-source software.

    Please find below information with regards to the open source terms and conditions, warranties, and source code: