(PL) Heminator

Multimedia installation based on Alpine F#1 Status components.
Starting from the source products, Alpine have used the finest in their range:  the DVI-9990 DVD headunit and TMI-M990 high quality flip out monitor. The Audio signal from the DVD player is transferred via a very fast connecting network (ION-Bus) to the heart of the system – 2 sophisticated ALPINE signal processors – PXI-H990.  The speaker system is fully active – each individual speaker has it’s own amplifier channel. The front system is based on the world best 3-way system – Alpine SPX-Z18T.  The rear system consists of 2 sets of SPX-Z15M (a smaller version of the SPX-Z18T) and are only used as surround channels during movie playback. The same SPX-Z15M speaker set is used for the centre channel.

To run all the speakers, the 3 x MRV-F900 amplifiers were installed to get the 12 channels necessary to drive the speakers. A trick installation feature slides back one of the amplifiers to reveal the twin processor system through a cool LED, illuminated plexi-glass window.  Both sides of the boot are occupied by Alpi